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Types of laser protective glasses and protective principle
Date:2010-8-10    Read:3941  

Major eye glasses to prevent laser damage. Because laser energy is highly concentrated on the role of significant harm to the eye, and even the risk of blindness, so laser operating personnel must wear laser protective glasses.
      Laser safety glasses are mainly absorption, reflection, composite, explosive, photochemical reactive, glass-ceramic type, and so kind.
      Absorption in the glass or plastic lenses to add a variety of absorbent, absorption of laser, it can not be through.
      Reflection in the lens coated with a high refractive index dielectric film, when the light fired dielectric film, the interface phase of all the reflected light are the same, so that the wavelength of light reflection to enhance, to protect both reflected laser The purpose of glasses, but also for other visible light through a high capacity.
      Compound formed by the two reflex dielectric films, the color intermediate absorbing glass with a layer of separated between inhibition of the two reflective film without the internal reflection. This laser protective glasses better performance, safety coefficient for large and medium-power laser protection.
      Explosive is coated lenses can be explosive. When the laser intensity reaches a certain value, quickly set off to play a role in shielding the laser, the military used to prevent injury to the eye laser weapons. Each laser protective glasses have their own characteristics, the general can only prevent a wavelength of the laser, two or more of the few anti-wavelength laser, the laser must be used, choose the appropriate laser goggles.


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