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Resources have yet to digest the market is still downward pressure on
Date:2010-8-10    Read:4206  


So far, the domestic polypropylene market, down market has been going round a half months, the mainstream domestic market price of common drawing material has fallen to 10450-10650 yuan / ton, has been lower than before the Spring Festival 10500-10700 yuan / ton level. Prior to this, many traders on the market after the Spring Festival held bullish attitude, leaving most stocks, and after the Lunar New Year's rally also had a lot of stocking. But the unexpected is like a rally is like night-blooming cereus, drawing material prices briefly breached the 11,000 yuan / ton level began to fall after the transaction and the lack of the way down. In the process, many traders caught up, losses.

    From the demand point of view, far below the level of demand recovery expectations. Partly because after the Spring Festival, suddenly emerged in many parts of the South "shortage of workers", many migrant workers wages are too low because of factors such as do not want to rework. Some companies experienced labor shortages delayed start. In addition, because many of the downstream plant back to normal after the Lantern Festival, the city at a time when raw material price decline trend to have a direct impact on downstream plant procurement enthusiasm, and many downstream firms Xuanze wait and see, in no hurry to bring in materials. So the requirements are not as expected, turnaround, on the contrary things even worse.

In addition, countries have tightened credit spread commodities. From the beginning of the State raising the deposit reserve ratio, domestic commodities, speculative enthusiasm to face combat. Chain enterprise funds under pressure from the downstream business point of view, tight money to reduce the factory or large stocking behavior; from traders point of view, some small and medium enterprises or capital return to Kuaijinkuaichu mode of operation, store goods would be less to be gained .

It is reported that the market downturn of resources and slow digestion, led to the current inventory in the petrochemical and oil pressure in the larger, combined with the constant supply of imported materials is expected to ease short-term petrochemical policy will stress the main stock, the price trend is still down.

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