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75th China International Fair Labor Insurance supplies will be held in Tianjin
Date:2010-8-10    Read:4183  

By the China Textile Commerce Association's 75th China International Fair labor protection products, will be held in Tianjin middle of this month.
It is reported that, as a safety and occupational health in the field of international professional exhibition, the exhibition scale has been a breakthrough before the session, the current exhibition area will reach 13,000 square meters, nearly 400 exhibitors. Among the many famous enterprises at home and abroad participating in the application, 3M, NORTH, Kimberly-Clark (China), Senna Group, Yi-Division safety, Shanghai 1, race thinking, Zhejiang, East Asia and other enterprises have in the form of special equipment exhibition, display of high-tech products . 3M has introduced a portable gas detector, Senna hit the Group's insulation against safety shoes, PU shoes, rubber high temperature work is fully functional, fully demonstrated the strength of research and development.

This fair will strengthen the concept of safe production and promotion of Tianjin and the Bohai Sea around the upgrading of occupational safety and health products. Exhibitors generally expressed, Tianjin, labor protection supplies a vast market, the market Order in China, a huge room for growth, Jing Ji SAR advantage Ming Xian, will showcase science and technology, protection Xingneng excellent, product Yang Shi Xin's Safety Products.

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