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Shoes, to protect not only the foot
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Do you have a pair of "safety shoes" it? 1 Speaking of labor protection

articles, the first we may think of helmets, safety belts, gloves, and safety

shoes, protective boots, the foot used to protect workers
Do you have a pair of "safety shoes" it? 1 Speaking of labor protection

articles, the first we may think of helmets, safety belts, gloves, and safety

shoes, protective boots, the foot of the supplies used to protect workers,

often overlooked. In fact, because the workers using the tools, operation of

machinery, materials handling operations, feet Tong Chang at the operating

position of the lowest part, at any time be exposed to heavy, hard, with edges

of objects, so that was crushing, sprain or Ji Shang; on the other hand, if the

feet do not stand firm, the body will lose its balance and undermine the normal

operating position, may lead to accidents. This seems to protect the feet of

the safety equipment is especially important. According to a special operating

conditions selected suitable protective footwear, it is possible to prevent

foot injuries. However, you have a pair of "safety shoes" it? Protective

footwear features you know it? Now more common protective footwear include:

safety shoes, rubber shoes, anti-static and conductive shoes, steel shoes and

shoe covers, boots, cold, in addition to road construction workers in the soles

for insulation for construction workers in the soles reinforcement for food,

wine workers soles moisture protection shoes. The main functions of protective

footwear for the working environment and conditions set, generally have non-

slip, anti-piercing, anti-squeeze functionality, the other is a specific

function, such as anti-conductive, anti-corrosion. It is learned that China's

annual industrial and mining business enterprises tens of thousands of various

types of production safety accidents, the death of more than l million. In

addition, the occupational hazards of the situation is very serious. At

present, toxic, hazardous enterprise than l 600 thousand, by the number of

occupational hazards in more than 200 million. To reduce casualties, reduce job

hazards, in addition to establishing, and improve the responsibility system,

increased security investment to improve safety conditions and facilities, we

also need equipment standards Ti Xi Wan Shan individual Fang Hu, improve the

level of personal protective equipment, enhanced employee self- protection. Why

are some workers wear flip-flops to work?Do not wear a helmet, suffered

accidental injury in, because the head injury, is likely to cause serious

injury or even death; but do not wear protective footwear, the damage will be

much less contrast, very few would endanger to life. It is precisely for this

reason, the right of workers to wear protective footwear is often overlooked.

State Labor Protection Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of

Cheng Chun senior engineer, said in an interview, they go to construction sites

for inspection, found that many workers wear the shoes, even sandals.And in

accordance with regulations, construction site workers must work need to wear

safety shoes to protect toes, so the shoes because of the steel Baoxie head,

can effectively avoid the crush hard objects, such as external metal sprain

injuries. But the workers are wearing shoes or slippers, simply serve to

protect the toe of the role. Information shows that our personal protective

equipment industry after 50 years of development, has become a relatively

complete, production, supply and more stable, richer product variety can

basically meet the production needs of industry in reducing casualties, to

protect workers health aspects played an important role. However, the concept

of lag due to various reasons, personal protective equipment was largely

overlooked, especially to protect life and safety of hand, foot and that seems

unrelated to the labor and supplies is ignored. Some workers believe that the

working clothes and shoes just to wear uniforms, or reflect the way the welfare

units, and some personal protective equipment does not meet the needs of modern

production, which lead to personal protective equipment, including safety

footwear little attention. It is understood that a long time, personal

protective equipment industry and other high-tech industries and advanced

industries, the inadequate investment, slow growth. Some of the major high-tech

enterprises, high-standard products are exported. As an example, in 2000

entered the field of personal protection, mining PVC boots for five consecutive

years of record exports, the first Sunflower International Group (China) Co.,

Ltd. Most of its turnover comes from export to Europe. The relevant responsible

person said, they were not unwilling to sell in the domestic market, is limited

to domestic enterprises in equipment investment in less protective of workers,

the relevant state laws, regulations implementing the enforcement is not

enough, lagging behind industry standards. And Cheng Jun also said that

restricting the development of our protective footwear is an issue the cost of

shoes. Background on the current view, purchase of protective footwear

companies can accept the price there at a relatively low level and low level

this determines the cost of products, resulting in low quality shoes can not

pass. In fact, our need to develop new standards in personal protective

equipment gradually move closer to EU standards and ISO standards for the pace

has not stopped, but as society progresses, people on personal protective

equipment, the variety and quality requirements are high, the individual

protective equipment product development provided a space, put a higher demand

for its standard. As early as 1988, the former national labor protection

articles Standardization Technical Committee to carry out the labor standard

system of protective equipment. As the body repeatedly change the standards of

labor protection are not achieved the desired objectives. With China's

accession to WTO, ISO standards related to the change, and the current safety

of the requirements of individual protective equipment standards put forward

new demands. It is reported that personal protective equipment in the developed

and promulgated a series of national standards and industry standards, national

standards are being developed as part of the process. Standards related to

safety footwear on, in 2005 one in February, the Central Iron and Steel Group,

Wuhan Safety and Environmental Protection Research Institute in charge of

drafting the formulation (Amendment) of the four national standards through

validation, these four criteria, "Personal Protective Equipment - shoes

testing, "" Personal Protective Equipment - safety shoes, "" Personal

Protective Equipment - Protective Footwear "and" individual protective

equipment - Occupational footwear "in Xiamen, Fujian adopted by the National

Personal Protective Equipment Standardization Technical Committee (CSBTS / TC

January 12) the audited organization. This standard covers the four individual

protective equipment and footwear as an important national quality testing

methods and specific quality standards. Four standard system (revising) the

completion of the work on promoting the quality of our footwear protective

equipment to improve and achieve with international standards and so is of

great significance.State Labor Protection Products Quality Supervision and

Inspection Center Senior Engineer Jun Cheng told reporters the four protective

footwear for more than a new standard in 2006 completed a Draft for Approval.

These four standards, including safety shoes, protective shoes, professional

shoes, on the original standards (including "General technical requirements

insulation shoes", "General technical requirements for protective footwear

oil", etc.) than there are great changes. The original national standards are

industry standards, is the Ministry of Labour Ministry of Labour issued the

standard ALD, relatively focused on the protection of toe area, and does not

reflect the comprehensive protection. Original standard, in addition to

"General technical requirements insulation shoes", the rest of the standard

will be replaced by the new standards. Cheng Chun said, safety shoes,

protective shoes standard and very different from the original standard was

mainly reflected in the shoes of the original standard functions involved

relatively simple, but very complex workplace, protection of the foot should

have the versatility of the scene; The new standards adopted international

standard, ISO standards, which are consistent with European standards. In

addition, safety shoes, protective shoes in the original basis of additional

features added. Occupational shoes, the main protection against non-toe shoes,

reflecting a comprehensive protection than the current comprehensive national

standards higher. She explained that currently has not implemented the new

standards. Notified to the WTO because of the need for three months, it is

learned that the standard has been submitted in June estimated that in

September will return, after OK, and then will be implemented. How new

standards will bring change? The new standards will not be on the domestic

manufacture of safety footwear companies great change? Cheng Chun said the new

standard for enterprise technology implementation is mainly a test. China is

producing shoes big country, a number of Guangdong, Tianjin, a large shoe

company, its products are mainly export-oriented. Therefore, they have reached

international standards, EU standards, the implementation of the new standards

should not be a problem. The new standards emphasize not only protection

performance, the mechanical and comfort requirements also have higher, that is,

to embody the human. This also led to increased cost of safety shoes. It is

expected that some small businesses because of cost increase, or fail to close

down the appropriate standards, and some large enterprises have sufficient

production capacity of enterprises, because the increase in production, you can

offset the effect of the increase in costs to enterprises better development.但

other Qiye some domestic, as production scale small, You Kenenghaishi workshop

style of the production of hand-Fang Shi, Zhi Zao's Anquan shoes Xingnengbugou

Wen Ding, Zai Shang a Fangmian need to enhance quality control. What kind of

shoes to wear to have control of what to wear protective footwear lack of

supervision, Cheng Jun, said this is one of the reasons that lead to accidents.

Lack of supervision led to the accident or the accident of workers suffered

greater damage. She said, for users, what kind of shoes should be worn,

according to professional needs of their shoes the kind of protection, so no

one to supervise the work. Some companies have security staff checks, but their

efforts often fail, or security officer can not find workers in protective

footwear failed. Another purpose of monitoring is to check whether the job

requirements of shoes. Cheng Chun said the company, enterprises in the

procurement of supplies when the labor usually through labor companies, even

large enterprises, not necessarily linked directly to purchasing products with

the manufacturers that purchase labor insurance company always has and whether

the quality can meet the requirement is One of the problems. This lack of

supervision has led to a number of unqualified labor supplies into the hands of

users. Our personal protective equipment standard status after years of

efforts, China has formulated the individual protective equipment and issued a

series of national standards and industry standards. Individual protection

standard has two forms: one tailored protection standards, the other is in the

product standards or other standards are listed in the requirements and targets

related to protection. Content from the standard terms, the individual

protection standards are: protection base standards, protective methods

standards, protection product standards. According to preliminary statistics,

as of 2004, China has enacted national standards for personal protective

aspects of four or five, nine standards are revised, there are 27 national

standards-making process is new. In this 72 standards, mandatory standards 36.

Mandatory criteria that include helmets, safety nets, protective masks,

protective glasses, protective clothing, protective shoes, respirators and

other products common technical standards and specialized product category

standards. In addition, the former Ministry of Labor, the former Ministry of

Coal has developed more than 30 aspects of the industry standard for personal

protection. Personal protective equipment standards from the coverage point of

view, including: head protection, respiratory protection, eye and face

protection, body protection, foot protection, hand protection, fall protection

and so on. Head protection standards: safety helmet, safety helmet test

methods; respiratory protection standard are: mining carbon monoxide filter

self, isolated positive pressure oxygen breathing apparatus, etc.; eye and face

protection standard are: eye and face protection welding, welding goggles and

face shields and other non-optical test methods; torso protection standards

are: flame-retardant protective clothing, X-ray protective clothing, welding

protective clothing, etc.; foot protection standards: General requirements

protective footwear, cloth shoes and other low-voltage insulation; hand

Department of Protection standards: General requirements for protective gloves,

dip glove, labor conditions, skin-care agent General; against falling

standards: safety nets, safety belts, belt test methods.Types of protective

footwear (1) safety shoes. Nursing toe safety shoes, also known as anti-

smashing shoes, mainly in order to prevent objects crushing the foot and toes.

Such as heavy lifting or handling materials for rolling drums, heavy tube feet,

or accidentally hit a sharp kick on the metal panels. Header with the first

shoes with good shock resistance, high strength, light weight metal material of

the liner, its strength, impact resistance and so on to go through a trial, the

required standard before use. Note To choose a different intensity according to

the severity of work safety shoes. (B) insulated shoes. Insulation is the role

of shoes when the risk of electric shock to minimize. Because of electric shock

when the current is passed through the body into the ground contact point, so

when the electrical work not only to wear insulated gloves and wear insulated

shoes. Pressure range under two 0kV, 6 kV and 5 kV insulation several shoes

used to be under the operational range of options. Insulated footwear should be

inspected regularly and maintenance, such as damp or badly worn, you can not

play a protective effect.(C) anti-static and conductive footwear. Anti-static

shoes for the prevention of accidents caused by the human body with static

electricity and avoid 22 0V-frequency capacitance devices on the human body

caused by accidental electric shock. Conductive shoes are more sensitive to

static electricity on the human body might place a fire or explosion. Some of

this shoe safety shoes and rubber shoes with anti-static or conductive soles,

the shoes without metal, to reduce the possibility of friction fire. Shoes from

the beginning used for resistance testing should. Then also tested periodically

to ensure that the shoe does not exceed the maximum allowable value of

resistance. (D) of the steel shoes and shoe covers. Such shoes also known as

the founder shoes, mainly to prevent the foot burns stinging. Such shoes should

be resistant to pressure, nonflammable, have oiled leather uppers and canvas

Xiang face leather, cow leather soles are tire substrates. In order to prevent

molten metal splash liquid burns off all trade with high waist style. You can

also use shoe covers to shoes, mouth, leg cover, shoes cover more canvas,

asbestos, aluminum made. (E) rubber boots. Their use are anti-acid boots,

waterproof boots, oil resistant shoes. Anti-acid boots suitable for operating

the ground with acid-base etching solutions and other places, with acid rubber

trousers and boots are also linked to anti-acid pants boots, waterproof boots

for the ground water or splash water operations , the basic material is rubber,

waterproof boots are miners, aquatic special boots, boots and other

planting.Anti-oil contaminated with shoes for ground operations, with rubber or

polyethylene plastic, there are boots, shoes and so on. (F) cold shoes.

Suitable for cold and low temperature operation intended to be worn with

cotton-padded shoes, fur boots and Zhan Xue, etc., with good insulation

properties. In addition to these several protective shoes, there are also

suitable for road construction workers in the sole insulation for construction

workers reinforced soles, suitable for food, brewery workers in protective sole

shoes and so damp. Selection and use of protective shoes (1) In addition to

protective footwear choose according to the type of operating conditions, it

should also fit, were comfortable to wear, it is important to carefully select

the right shoe. (B) of the protective footwear must have non-slip design, not

only to protect the feet from injury, but also to prevent operator accidents

caused by slipping. (C) the different properties of protective shoes,

protective properties to achieve their own technical indicators, such as not to

be crushing the toes, soles of the feet are not being stabbed, insulated

conductive requirements. However, safety shoes is not a panacea. (D) use of

protective shoes carefully inspected or tested before, in the electrical and

acid-base operations, damage and cracks in the protective shoes are dangerous.

(E) protective shoes after going to the proper custody, rubber shoes, after

flushing with fresh water or disinfectant, and drying to extend life. Anti-oil

Safety Shoes Shoes for the use of standard area of oil or oil spill sites;

waterproof shoes for the ground water or splash water in the workplaces; cold

shoes for low temperature operating officer of foot protection against

frostbite. Anti-puncture shoes for foot protection, and prevent all kinds of

hard objects sharp stab. Anti-smashing shoes main function is to prevent

falling objects crushing foot. Shoes have impact before the header material.

Steel shoes main function is to prevent burns, puncture cut, should be able to

withstand a certain static pressure and resistance to a certain temperature,

non-flammable. These shoes suitable for smelting, blast furnace, cast

iron.Apart from the above there are some supporting the use of special shoes

covered, such as canvas, asbestos, aluminum material of shoes cover. Protective

shoes, protective shoes, the choice of the selection and maintenance work

should be based on harm to the environment and harm to nature. Certificate

should be protective footwear products and product specifications.Use the

control conditions of use before reading the instructions, use the method

correctly.Special protective shoes, should be checked after use and keep clean,

stored in clean dry place. Protective shoes, protective shoes, electrical

insulation more types, such as leather safety shoes, antistatic shoes and

plastic face smashed against safety shoes, insulated boots, insulated rubber

boots low pressure, acid leather shoes, boots acid, acid plastic molding boots,

shoes, high temperature protection, anti-piercing shoes, protective shoes

welding. Should be based on the content of the different operating areas and

choose to use. Construction Site on the common insulated boots (shoes), welding

protective footwear, rubber boots and leather safety of acid shoes. Shoe

insulation requirements are: must be specified voltage range in use; rubber

shoes (boots) plastic material Bufen free from breaks, and every six months as

a preventive test; in water immersion, oil, acid, alkali and other conditions

not on the supplemented safety equipment to use. Standard system of personal

protective equipment PPE standard vision system of the initial ideas are: 1.

Levels: personal protective equipment standards are divided into professional

common standards, common standards and product categories, three levels of

technical standards. The first level is the professional common standards,

mainly to provide personal protective equipment in common, the most basic

standards, such as personal protective equipment, the classification and

terminology, use planning, test methods. The second level is the common

standard categories, the main provisions of head protection, respiratory

protection, eye and face protection and other categories of common standards,

including basic standards, methods, standards, such as protective gloves and

technical requirements, electrical insulation shoes General requirements.The

third level is the product standards, divided into two scenarios, one of the

similar products (mainly a collection of the same product protection) provides

general technical requirements; second is a product of a required standard,

such as flame-retardant protective clothing. 2. Contents: a standard personal

protective equipment should include: head protection, respiratory protection,

eye and face protection, hearing protection, body protection, hand protection,

skin care products, foot protection, fall protection and other types of

protection 10 categories. 3.Type: personal protective equipment standards are

divided into basic standards, methods, standards, product standards and other

three kinds. Based mainly on the professional standards of common standards,

common standards in the basic categories of the content of the corresponding

provisions, such as the terminology, use rules, the provisions of general

technical conditions, such as the selection rules for labor protection

products, protective footwear General technical conditions. The Standard

General Standard for the major categories relating to the test methods, testing

methods to provide, such as seat belt detection methods, helmet test methods.

Product standards mainly a product of similar products or a corresponding

provision. PPE process of a standard system. Personal Protective Equipment

Standard System with social progress, economic development, improving people's

living standards, safety and health awareness of employees increased, the

government in preventing occupational accidents, occupational hazards

strengthening efforts on personal protection equipment, increasing demand, the

variety of individual protective equipment, quality requirements are high, not

only for the personal protective equipment products, provides a broad space for

development, but also on the individual a higher standard of protection

requirements. To meet the needs of the situation, personal protective equipment

needed to carry out the research standard system, so that personal protective

equipment standards development and revision of scientific and standardized. 2.

Personal Protective Equipment in the standard formulation and revision of

national standards to solve the standard age is too long and repetitive issues

of aging, starting from 2004, the National Standardization Management Committee

of the National Standards for rectification. Currently, this work has ended,

the integration of the relevant standards amendments revise and develop

individual plans, requirements must be completed before 2008. Establish the

standards currently being developed and modified units, and will strengthen

supervision and inspection. 3. The transformation of binding international

standards for personal protective equipment standard system, personal

protective equipment, according to China's current production, testing,

inspection, accelerate the ISO, EN (European Standard), JIS (Japanese

Industrial Standards) and other international organizations and the

countriestransformation of the individual protection standards to improve the

level of our personal protective equipment, to achieve our personal protective

equipment standards and international standards. Through years of efforts, and

gradually establish an Appropriate personal protective equipment standard


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